Sunset & Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

Golfo Dulce, Puerto Jiménez, Península de Osa

Sunset & Bioluminescence

This is guided evening/night tour into one of the most amazing natural phenomena of the world!

Launching before sunset, we paddle along Puntarenitas beach to view the sunset and usually a few wild bottle nose and spinner dolphins.

Once it is dark enough, watch how every stroke of your paddle leaves behind a glowing swirl of light or swim in glowing warm water from the beach. This adventure can only be described as magical.

Bioluminescence is "life emitting light" is a common occurrence in this region; however, finding an area with high concentrations on a regular basis is something not to be missed.

On land we see bioluminescence in fireflies, glowworms and occasionally glowing fungi. However, in the ocean bioluminescence is much more common but extremely rare to be seen in high concentrations. Tiny microorganisms are responsible for the display.

The bioluminescence is best seen when there is less ambient light from the environment, is best on moonless nights, however this does not mean you cannot see this effect during a full moon.  The optimum days for viewing are based not only on the phases of the moon but also the actual rise time of the moon and rain.

No experience necessary, our adventures are for everyone. Our trips are designed to cater to all levels of experience and abilities. Life jackets, paddles, kayaks and a knowledgeable guide are provided.

Suggestions on what to bring:

Don’t forget to bring water, mosquito repellent and a flash light.

Treat yourself to a sunset paddle with Aventuras Tropicales Golfo Dulce. You will not be disappointed!