Sunset and Dolphins Kayak Tour

Golfo Dulce, Puerto Jiménez, Península de Osa

Sunset kayaking, Dolphins & Turtles Sight Seeing.

The Golfo Dulce is on itself a marine paradise; with smooth and warm waters it hosts big variety of fishes, mollusk, ocean birds and majestic dolphins.

May we be blessed with seeing wild bottle nose and spinner dolphins in their natural home, swimming, jumping, feeding and enjoying the sunset, the wonders of one of the only four tropical fiords in the world.

There is also a chance of seeing other sea life in their natural habitat and natural behavior. Different species of turtles, fish and even manta rays jumping out of the water.

There are several families of dolphins that live all year long in Golfo Dulce, including the Spinner, Bottle nose and the Spotted Dolphins.

February and August are the best months to see Humpback Whales. They come into the Gulf to give birth on its warm and quiet waters and then spend a few days here waiting for the calf to be able to travel.

All this beauty is combined with peace and soul filling energy from the waves, sea birds and silence that kayaks allow and power boats tend to miss.

Every day is special, on its own and we love it that way, nature makes every tour unique.

The tropical sunset is a gift that makes your paddling a great experience and the fresh breeze in the gulf makes the perfect temperature.

This tour is made every day during the dry season and it takes three hours, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.The tour includes seasonal tropical fruits, bilingual tour guide and all the safety gear.

Without any doubt this privileged Gulf will provide an unforgettable afternoon, surrounded by nature and peace.

For you comfort we recommend to bring mosquito repellent, sun screen, water, cap or hat, sandals and light clothes.

No previous experience needed, your experienced guide will give all the instructions you need to enjoy your trip…

Suggestions on what to bring:

Dry bags for all your gear, even cameras and video gear are suitable to bring if protected. Bathing suit, sunscreen, long pants and long sleeve shirt of dry fit fabric for sun protection (specially from December to April), tennis shoes or sandals with straps (shoes will get wet), light rain jacket (only from August to November), neck strap to secure glasses, hat, dry clothing, towel, plastic bags for wet clothing. Don’t forget to bring a bottle for water, we provide water to refill your personal recipient, we are trying to help the planet by discouraging the use of disposable bottles.