Mangrove Exploration

Preciosa Platanares Wild Life Refuge, Puerto Jiménez, Península de Osa

mangrove exploration

Welcome to our guided tour through the Preciosa Platanares Wild Life Refuge, the mangrove is both relaxing and amazing.

The mangroves are small forest with plants and animals adapted to live immerged  in brackish water, influenced by the tides, hosting lots of life, this wonderful forest will be explore in the tour.

The trip is guided by an experienced local guide who will briefly interrupt the peace and wild silence with explanations of the interrelationships that exist here between plants and animals at different levels.

The mangrove kayak tour leaves one or two hours before high tide (there is a tour schedule for you to check). This trip explores the mangrove estuaries in Platanares River delta in the the Preciosa Platanares Wild Life Refuge. Your knowledgeable guide will lead you up and down a river under the canopy of 70-foot tall mangrove trees. Learn about the mangroves and look for all types of wildlife -- monkeys, raccoons, iguanas, Jesus Christ lizards, crabs, crocodiles, caimans, snakes, all types of birds, butterflies!

The trip takes 3 hours, and we supply, snacks (tropical seasonal fruits), Kayak with back rest for comfort and dual blade paddle, life jacket , instructions before the trip and a knowledgeable guide. dry bags (for all your gear, even cameras and video gear. No previous experience required.

Suggestions on what to bring:

Dry bags for all your gear, even cameras and video gear are suitable to bring if protected. Bathing suit, sunscreen, long pants and long sleeve shirt of dry fit fabric for sun protection (specially from December to April), tennis shoes or sandals with straps (shoes will get wet), light rain jacket (only from August to November), neck strap to secure glasses, hat, dry clothing, towel, plastic bags for wet clothing. Don’t forget to bring a bottle for water, we provide water to refill your personal recipient, we are trying to help the planet by discouraging the use of disposable bottles.

Special Features:

*The mangroves are intense environments where life shows in many different ways. Often monkeys are hanging around, many birds nest and feed in the mangroves.

*We love taking families to enjoy our adventures, please ask for special family promotions.

*This tour is a good option nature lovers.

*To lower the impact in the mangrove forest and improve the touring experience we take groups maximum 8pax. Bigger groups should book indicating they want to go together and we would recommend to go in double kayaks.

*Every client must follow the security rules for the adventure.

*Children under 12 years old will go in a double kayak with an adult.

*Any minor coming to our adventures has to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

*Every client should bring a recipient for water and sun protection.

*Immerse yourself in indescribable wild and silent beauty, where nature reveals itself by joining our mangrove exploration kayak tour.