About Us



Aventuras Tropicales Golfo Dulce is a family business born in 1992 as a beautiful dream, to live and work in the natural paradise found in the Osa Peninsula, having the Golfo Dulce as neighbor.

We started runing our tours in small motor boats, but then looking for environmental sostenible options we change to clean transportation methods; that is how we are moving around by kayak, bike, canoe and walking.

Slowly but strong Aventuras Tropicales Golfo Dulce has become a responsible tour operator, compromised with environment, client service and safety.

In June 2007 we got the certification from ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Board) for operating adventure tours. We keep working to operate all our activities according to national and international standards.

We consider environmental education a fundament to fight for preserving the world to future generations; our tours include the environmental education, because we believe that knowing deeper the nature our visitors see, we encourage theme to compromise to preserve the paradise that offers theme its beauty and peace.

With a lifetime experience living in the tropics, our goal is to share with you our Tico heart and our deep love to the Osa Península while we take you into an unforgettable adventure.


Our guides are certified according to the national regulations. They have wide experience in the field and leading groups in the wild. Our professional guides have gown and liven in touch with nature, complementing the academic knowledge with empiric experience and the fresh costarrican culture.


Aventuras Tropicales Golfo Dulce, Co-founder
Guides leader
Wide experience, working and living in the tropical jungle and the sea.
Certified sailor, emergency management expert.
Adventure guide in the Osa Peninsula jungle, since 1992.


Sea kayak and jungle bike guide since 2003.
Certified in: fist aid, emergency management, groups leading in the nature and others…


Adventure guide since 2001.
Certified in: fist aid, emergency management, groups leading in the nature and others…