About Us

Our Essence

Aventuras Tropicales Golfo Dulce is a family company born in 1992 as a beautiful dream:of living and working in paradise that houses the Osa Peninsula with the Golfo Dulce as a neighbor.

Our commitment to safety and customer service makes us work following national and international quality, safety and sustainability standards.

We started our tours in small motor boats and after, looking for more sustainable options, we switched to clean transport, we choose bio driven options, this is how we now explore nature kayaking, biking, hiking and canoeing.

We also consider environmental education a foundation in the struggle to preserve the planet for future generations; reason to include environmental education in our tours, we believe that gaining a deeper knowledge of nature, we encourage our customers to engage in the protection of this paradise that offers its beauty and peace.

Our goal is to share with our customers, our deep love for the Osa Peninsula through an unforgettable adventure.
With a lifetime experience exploring Golfo Dulce and leading groups in the wild our activities feature: Mangrove Forest Exploration, Dolphin watch by kayak or small motor boats. Snorkeling and Scuba in Golfo Dulce, Kayak excursions from a few hours to several days including back up motor boat for longer trips. Camping trips, including all gear and meals. Also offer connections to Corcovado National Park.


Alberto Robleto Herrera
Marielos Villalobos Madrigal

The A-team

Our Adventure team has grown with our natural children and other dear friends that have embraced ATGD. This family keeps growing.

Laura Robleto Villalobos
Tamar Mora Alvarado
Diego Rojas Aragonés
Adriana Robleto Villalobos
Enoc Baltodano
Jackeline Rodrigez
Alberto Robleto Villalobos
Roy Poveda
Omar Castillo

Awards and certifications.


Certification of Sustainable Tourism Program - CST is a program that seeks to categorize and certify tourism companies according to the degree to which their operation approaches a model of sustainability.

Tourists who choose a tour company that has the logo of the CST can be sure that it performs actions in all business management processes, in order to avoid negative impacts on the environment, culture and society.

Code of Conduct

Proud signatories of the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children and Adolescents Against Sexual Exploitation Associated with Travel and Tourism in Costa Rica

Commitment of the Costa Rican tourism industry to discourage and punish commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents as an axis of responsible and sustainable tourism .

American Canoe Association

We have two certified ACA instructors.